Wednesday, October 26, 2011

San Diego Day at the Beach

I'm sure you've noticed by now, (if you've been reading this blog for a while), that San Diego is one of our favorite getaway spots. We're usually down there twice a year for a little mini-vacation. (Not sure you can call a vacation with little ones "r and r," but they're certainly fun, none-the-less).

We arrived around lunch time, and stopped at a Burger King, which also happened to be next to a frozen yogurt spot. We're huge froyo fans, so this seemed perfect. The funny thing is, our girls are not huge fast food fans, and had never been to a BK before. Allison said many times that it was the best lunch ever, and we needed to come here every time we go to San Diego. Daniel and I looked at each other and smiled!

After lunch, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel, then came straight to the beach. It was overcast, but not too chilly. If you ask me, it was the perfect weather!

Allison wasted no time running into the water. Now that seemed a little too cold for me; not-to-mention, I would be a whale in a swimsuit right now!

Natalie followed right after...

And Sierra was not too far behind! As you'll see from the pictures below, Sierra was quite happy to be at the beach; even if it meant skipping her nap! (Or, especially because it meant skipping her nap, I should say!)

Daniel decided he was going to build a giant butterfly. In digging, he discovered something even better: sand crabs! That began a wonderful search which turned up more and more crabs... and even some worms! I think they spent the next hour digging away. We had dozens! Even Allison and Natalie were able to catch some themselves!

I gave Natalie the camera to take a picture of me... she was so proud! But, alas, I couldn't post it. I really am feeling quite like a beached whale these days. Just over a month to go! Legoland pics to come...

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