Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amy's Farm

What a special day we had! Our friend invited us to join her at Amy's farm. Only 15 miles away, and yet a whole world away! The tour was very educational, fun, and detailed! The girls had a blast! I tried to narrow down the pictures, but there are still quite a few!

Putting on the "Cow tags." (Just for fun!)

Walking the balance beam...

Farmer Randy and the 2,000 pound Tina. It was pretty amazing to see her up close!!

Petting some baby chickies

The sheep and goat "petting zoo." Natalie warned me not to let any deer eat her clothes. (See this entry). What a memory!

The girls got to tour the gardens, and smell all the different herbs.
Here they're getting the milk bottles ready for the kids. How exciting!
And, each kid got to feed their own calf. It was pretty cool! Definitely Allison's favorite part.

Petting the horses was fun, but Allison was really excited to pet Tina.
And, Natalie's favorite part: the picnic in the back of the car. (Sorry about the mess, Daniel! It got pretty nasty back there. Next time I'll bring a picnic blanket!!

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