Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Details, Part 3: Activities

Tired of birthday details, yet? Last post, I promise!!
As the girls came in, our sweet little Kylie (Belle) and Brianna (Cinderella) painted their faces. Very cute!
We read a book "Ellie's Tea Party," but I changed it to "Alli's Tea Party." (Good thing they can't read!)
I ordered these adorable little tins online, and made the lip gloss inside from a recipe from my "Kid Concoctions" book. Very simple: two parts shortening to one part sugar-free kool aid. The Kool Aid not only adds the flavor, but the color as well. I used tropical punch, which tasted yummy and turned out lavendar. First you mx the shortening and Kool Aid thoroughly. Then you microwave it until it melts. Finally, you pour your mixture into whatever little containers you prefer.
So, with the gem stickers the girls got to decorate their own lip gloss. Then they got to decorate their own tea party hats with the giant gerbera daisies and ribbon. (I got the hats at the dollar section at Target way before Easter. Good thing Allison didn't change her mind about having a princess tea party!)

Finally, each girl got a mini flower pot that I had my mom paint in chalkboard paint. Even though she primed them, they were still very porous, and therefore required several coats. Thanks, Mom! I had the girls "decorate" them with chalk. Then they brought them over to me and we put different sticks of food into them. The were intended to be the decorations at the tables, but were eaten before that could happen. What did I expect from toddlers?

So, there you have all the details! I'm partied out, how about you?

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Karen Hyde said...

Wow, Cara! What a party! You did an amazing job!

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