Monday, June 22, 2009

Sweet Father's Day!

We had a really nice Father's Day.... I hope you did, too! My poor husband had a night of little sleep the night before, so after church he crashed until I had to wake him for our bbq. In the meantime, I made a fruit pizza with all the awesome summer fruit on sale right now! Yum, yum!

After Daniel and Natalie's naps (smile), we headed to Daniel's old high school friends' house for a reunion with their former high school basketball coach. What a fun reunion! It was so nice to meet his coach and have a glimpse of Daniel's high school life. It was especially fun to discover his coach and his family are also Christians.... in Daniel's words, "there is something different and special about fellowship with like-minded believers." All-in-all, it was a fun day! And, once again, thank you God for my awesome husband, who is the BEST daddy!

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