Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinners Outside

Dinners without Daniel can be somewhat challenging... mostly because they happen so often! I imagine that if they were a not-so-common event, they would be somewhat special! I'm always stuck with the dilemma of what to make that the girls will eat, yet is still healthy. Often times, I just plan my meals as if Daniel were here, and then just let him eat the leftovers the next day. In fact, when I was pondering aloud what to do for Father's Day, Allison said "I know... he really likes leftovers. You should give him leftovers!" (Thought that was cute...)

Since we leave for vacation tomorrow morning, and Daniel has been working the last few nights, I just decided to do a simple Mac n Cheese dinner, and have a picnic outside. Last night, we did the front yard, and today we took it to the park! It definitely spiced up dinner time around here! Of course, the girls would be happy if I just let them eat Mac n Cheese or cereal every night for dinner, but that can't happen. Perhaps when we come back, I'll try serving a "real" dinner outside to see if that sparks their appetite!

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