Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Details, Part 2: Food

I know I've said it before, but I must say it again... I LOVE my island!!

Here are Daniel's chocolate banana pops cooling... they turned out yummy!
These were not your traditional cream cheese and dill. Instead, we added a little mayo to the cream cheese, along with a packet of dry ranch dressing seasoning. There were none left over!
For the food, we chose things that are "mini" and things that go on a stick. The inspiration for my stick food came from Bakerella and her amazing cake pops. Of course, they were my biggest frustration, and I almost didn't serve them because they were so ugly. (See the orange globs!) But, apparently they tasted great. I'll have to try again, sometime.

For the mini bacon and eggs, we just poured melted white candy melts over 2 pretzel sticks, and added a yellow m&m. Sweet + salty = yum!
Natalie wouldn't try a banana pop, of course, but loved the marshmallow pops!

My favorite were the mini watermelons. Just halve and scoop out the guts of some limes. Pour some red jello in and let it sit for a while in the fridge. Add some mini chocolate chips, and let sit overnight before cutting. We used strawberry jello, but they tasted like lime to me, (which is why I liked them so much!) I let Daniel cut them, and he said it was quite difficult. But, aren't they cute?

For the mini cupcake tops, I used leftover dots from the fudge stripe cookie flowers, as well as fruit by the foot rolled up to resemble a flower. I got the recipe here on Family Fun. That's what they're suppose to look like. Unfortunately, our fruit by the foot variety pack didn't all separate in waves like the recipe called for, so we had to improvise. But, they were still fun!


Jennifer said...

I am having a Watermelon themed party for Elsie's 2nd birthday and am soooo gonna steal your watermelon jello idea!

I love Bakerella, but haven't tried making them myself yet.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

The whole party looked SO ADORABLE!! But I have to say the mini-watermelons were over the top cute!!!! You're a Supermom!

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