Monday, June 15, 2009

Birthday Gifts

One of the best parts of kid birthdays is all the fun gifts that seem to keep the kids entertained afterward... (at least for a day or two!) Here are two of the favorites for this year: 1) These homemade popsicle sticks. Despite the cooler weather, the girls have enjoyed their homemade popsicles. And, I love them for several reasons. First, we can make them with all natural, no-added-sugar juices. Second, they have the little cups on the bottom for the juice to drip into and then the built-in straw to drink it with. How clever is that? Finally, they are a long-lasting treat, which allows sufficient time for mom to clean up the dinner mess while the girls are outside enjoying them. I believe they are from the dollar section at Michael's, if you'd like to get some for yourself! (They should pay me for this free advertsement!)

2) Allison's new roller skates were also a big hit! She had been asking for a pair for at least 8 months, and we finally got her some. Of course, they are the cheap ones that go over the shoes, but Allison just thinks they're so cool! And, she is pretty coordinated with them. Daniel and I were very impressed! She went all the way around the block with Daniel on his rollerblades the very first day. I fondly remember my days of roller skating with our Japanese neighbors, Junko and Keiko!


The Texas Butlers said...

That's funny. Just last night Eli asked for an icecream. I thought to myself, "I need to get some of those freezer molds to make my own out of juice." Oh, I think I'll try freezing some smoothie in them!

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Well, I am so busy catching up on all these posts!! I have to comment on all these fab things you always have!

I think I have to get those popsicles! We always made our own when I was little and they were always so much better than from the store ... of course, ours I'M SURE were not sugar free, in fact I think they had some jello in them! :-) We also made homemade fudgesicles A LOT! Mmmmmmmmmm!

PS: your daughters' smiles always brighten my day!

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