Saturday, June 20, 2009

Introducing YEHBIE!

We've made it 20 weeks... half-way through the pregnancy! It was so fun to bring Allison and Natalie to the ultrasound appointment. As the lady was moving her wand around my belly looking to find something as we first began, the computer screen was moving quite a bit, so Natalie turned to Daniel and commented, "Papa, it's loading!" (It took me a little while to stop laughing after that one so my belly would stop shaking!)

Then, after her first stop, Allison asked, "What's that big round thing?" Daniel said, "I think it's the head." Allison replies, "I think it's the tummy." The ultrasound tech looks at me with big eyes and says, "It IS the tummy!" Later, Allison said, "Are those the legs?" Daniel said, "I don't know!" Once again, the tech looks at me and says... "Those ARE the legs. Most adults can't figure this out!"

So, in the pic below, can you guess the baby's gender? (See the little hand up; I'm in love, again!!!)


Jennifer said...

Did you find out the sex? It is not the best shot of that area, but I think you are having another girl!

Karen Hyde said...

I LOVE ultra sound pics! It's so exciting to "see" the little one inside. I can't wait to meet "himer". :)

Where Our Treasures Are said...

Cara, what a wonderful first "picture" of your little blessing.

jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Yeah! How exciting!! And your girls are too funny and too cute!!

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