Wednesday, September 15, 2010

49er Baby

Grandma and Grandpa arrive tomorrow. This picture is for Grandpa. I grew-up in the 80's in San Francisco Bay... 'nuff said! I have lots more pictures, recipes, and activities to post, but I've been too busy. I'm hoping to give you some more of our school activities once grandma plays with my kids all day :) See you tomorrow, Mom and Dad! Can't wait!


Holly said...

oh!!! i tried to buy abby and ellie 49ers tees at old navy the other day (saw them on the website) but they didn't have them at our closest o.n. so i'll totally have to get them online! and a matching tee for mommy!! i remember trick or treating at joe montana's house! i'm always telling tim about the 49er good old days!

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

That's so fun, Holly! These are the Old Navy ones... Our neighbor bought them and thought they were boys, and gave them to us when his wife said they were girls. You T or T'd at Joe Montana's house? That is SO awesome!

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