Monday, September 27, 2010

Apples, part 1

What do you do when it's a record-breaking 113 degrees on the 5th day of fall in Los Angeles? If you're smart, you drive up the mountain to pick apples where it's only 85 degrees. (If you're not-so-smart you come home, turn on your oven, and bake an apple pie... but that's for another day!)

Yes, today we headed up to Oak Glen for our annual attempt at picking apples. And, this was by far our best trip! For one, it was WAY cooler up there. Secondly, there were a ton of apples. And, we enjoyed the perks of going on a weekday; there were no crowds!

And, once again I took way too many pictures. Ok, that's your warning!

Once again, we took on the roles of Pa, Ma, Mary, Laura, and baby Carrie... the girls were thrilled about this!

There was even a fun hayride that took us up to where the apples were.

Once we picked all our apples, we headed around the corner to Los Rios Ranch to sample some apples. This is where we ended up last year, and it's a great place!

(I love Natalie's expression... we heard the typical, "I don't like it," but at least she now tries things, and was willing to try several samples!)

Apple cider and a picnic lunch; yummy!

We ended by reading a story about picking apples. The little girl in the family went with her parents and sister, rode a hayride that looked just like ours, and had turkey sandwiches and cider for lunch, too... that made everything a bit more exciting! Oh, and she came home and baked an apple pie, too. (Of course, they were wearing jeans and a sweater.) Wonderful day had by all!

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