Wednesday, September 22, 2010

LA County Fair, take 2!

Here we are getting ready for our second day at the Fair! This time we prepared by doing book reports for free rides. Guess who forgot to bring them? Ugh! Silly Mommy... but, at least the girls didn't even care. Whew... not sure how much longer I'll be given grace!

Did I mention what a gorgeous first day of fall it was? Overcast and in the 70's. As fun as the fair was, I could have stayed home with my jeans and fall-scented candles and enjoyed doing nothing, as well! But, I'm glad I went.

This time around we did the kid area, saw a magic show and the Pirate stunt show, and hit the princess house one more time. We didn't even make it to the farm animals, and the next thing we knew it was time to go!

Allison had a blast doing the bubble. It looked so fun! One poor kid was super scared and didn't want to get wet. He was suppose to go before Allison, but chickened out. When he saw how much fun Allison was having, he decided to try it. Somehow, they didn't get it closed all the way, and it popped open and immediately was filling with water. Poor boy. The look of terror on his face! I had to tell the workers -- scary! Here's Allison's experience:

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