Friday, September 10, 2010

My Delight Cup Cakery

Tiffany, this post is for YOU! Today a few friends from our MOPS table got together at the Cup Cakery in Ontario to enjoy some yummy cupcakes and coffee. With a breakfast like that, this had to be a good day! (Great company, too... I am blessed with some great ladies at my table!) It was a sweet time, and oh-so-yummy. Sheila tried the bacon cupcake, and it was actually pretty incredible! Thanks for sharing, Sheila! I went with the chocolate raspberry truffle since it was a one-day availability; (at least, that's what they said!)

I just can't help but think of Tiffany when I think of MOPS and cupcakes! Wish you were here to join us, my friend! Love and miss you!!

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