Saturday, September 11, 2010

Allison's First Soccer Game

Ok, so I probably went overboard a bit... but I wanted to make Allison's first soccer game special, and it was so easy, thanks to Kara's Party Ideas. She has an incredible blog, (even if she spells her name wrong), and a bunch of free soccer downloads from the World Cup which just happen to be in red and gold, (Allison's team colors!)

She even had a fun coloring page! (and finger puppets and cupcake holders, but I had to stop somewhere!)
Notice my husband in the background playing Wii. He actually did all the cleaning for me, so I got to do the fun stuff! Soon after this I joined him playing Wii!

Good morning, girls!

Big girl using her own knife to cut her egg...

Almost too excited to stand still to take a picture!

And, here's our team cheerleader! We got the megaphone and pom pom set at the Dollar Tree; (probably Halloween costumes!) She's been about as excited to cheer as Allison has been to play soccer.

It was SO cute! The kids were clueless about how to play... we were lucky if they went the right direction. Most of the kids, that is. There were a few boys who seemed to be really good.

At this age they don't keep score, but I believe we lost 1 -4. Guess who scored our only goal? Yup! Way to go, Allison!

I LOVE this shot... Allison chasing her best friend! How fun that we got to play her for our first game!
Shaking hands with her buddy!

Sierra was a trooper, and fell asleep within seconds of driving away.

Allison's pet butterfly took ride home with us, as well!


Karen Hyde said...

Way to go Allison! So glad she's having fun!

Shannon Cecil said...

I love that the girls run around the house in their chonies too! Shamefully, I'll admit that my boys have gone a whole day in their underwear! (but only in the summer?)

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