Saturday, September 25, 2010

Family Fun Friday: Marshmallow Night

What are we doing, you ask? Read on to find out...

It started with a plan!

Instead of making marshmallow shooters for the girls, Daniel drew up the plans, taught the girls to measure and the names of the different joints, and had them build their own marshmallow shooters!

Natalie needed a little help, but Allison built hers completely on her own!

The first few times Daniel, Allison, and I took a shot, we were disappointed that they didn't go too far. Enter Natalie. Her first shot went zooming past all of us, and we were looking around wondering what just happened!

Turns out the secret is putting the marshmallow all the way down the tube.

We also made a marshmallow catapult. (That turned out to be Allison's favorite!)

Once we had it down, we took it outside to have a shooting contest. (Which soon turned into a shooting each other contest!)

Good times... We love Family Fun Friday!

1 comment:

Karen Hyde said...

That's just awesome! My boys would LOVE that. I might just have to "borrow" your fun idea. ;)

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