Sunday, September 5, 2010

School Game Highlights

We now have 2 weeks of school behind us! I can already tell this year is going to fly by. It kills me to not take pictures of everything we are doing, but that would be a little ridiculous, I think. I do want to highlight some of the games/ activities the girls have really enjoyed, though. We spent the first 7 days making a book of creation. Above was day 6, and I pulled out all my animal stickers. If I were that age and my mom presented me with all those stickers, I think I would be in Heaven!

Pudding Practice:
I read on my friend Karen's blog about practicing letters in pudding. Ironically, my curriculum actually called for that, as well! Obviously, this was a highlight. We even used some chocolate pocky as our writing utensil!

ABC Picture Scavenger Hunt:
I challenged the girls to use their camera and search the house for one object for each letter of the alphabet. They did surprisingly well, (though the picture quality left room for improvement!)

ABC Object Race:
Similarily, I had a stack of ABC flash cards, spread face down on the table. When I said go, the girls grabbed a card, flipped it over, and went to find an object that started with that letter. The first person back got a point.

Letter Sound BINGO:
Our curriculum came with lower case letter card grids. I would call out a letter sound, and they would cover the letter. I couldn't believe how many lower case letters Natalie knew! Not sure how... But, this was a fun game!

Marshmallow Math:
I wrote the numbers 0 - 9 on index cards, and gave half to each girl. They had to put them in ascending order, then put the correct number of marshmallows under each numeral. This was a little too easy, so we then used them to do some addition problems. Of course, eating the marshmallows was the best part.

We all know how fun UNO is... My friend Katie made me realize this was a good age to start, and it is a big hit with the girls. It's still a little challenging for Natalie, but with a little help, she cna do it, too!

If you have any more creative games for me, please let me know!

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Where Our Treasures Are said...

Love the game ideas!! I think my guy would love these. I'll have to try some of them. Thanks!

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