Monday, September 6, 2010

Lake Gregory

Happy Labor Day! I am so blessed to say, we did make it to Lake Gregory after all -- even though it was just for the day. The weather was wonderful, the company was awesome, and just getting away after all the sick days and then cleaning days felt great! (It was awesome to come home to a clean house, too!)

The car ride was less than 40 minutes... I am always amazed at how close we live to such beauty!

Our sweet friends who invited us!

Lollipops for the car ride up the windy mountain; don't leave home without them!

That's Daniel, Allison and Natalie out there!

Playing in the sand was great fun... almost as much fun as swimming in the water! I am so glad they have life jackets for anyone to use.

Once we were done swimming in the lake, playing in the sand, and playing at the water fountain park, we packed up and headed over to the paddle boats.

Poor Sierra was exhausted! She looked so cute in her little life jacket!

What a lovely day!

Time for me to join Sierra in dreamland!

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