Friday, February 26, 2010

The Great Park

We finally did it! We finally rode the helium ("hot air") balloon at the great park in Irvine! Ever since Allison saw a hot air balloon on some cartoon, she has been asking to go for a hot air balloon ride. What motivated us to go today was not only a free balloon ride, but free ice skating, as well!

It was a beautiful view from the top. I only got slightly nervous if I looked straight down.

Natalie taking a rest on a fun chair...

Once again spurred on from some cartoon I am sure, Allison has been wanting to try ice skating for quite a while! When Daniel told me the Great Park offered free ice skating (including rentals!) I couldn't believe it! Too perfect...

Natalie made one lap, and was DONE; (not upset at all, but just done!) Allison lasted the entire 45 minutes, and attempted to skate by herself without holding on to anything several times. I was quite proud of her endurance! If you'd have asked me ahead of time, I would have guessed their roles would be switched!

Grandma was here to come with us, and took Sierra for me so I could join the fun, as well!
As usual, Daniel skated like a pro! (But as usual, he spent most his time helping his girls!)

What a fun family day!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


My parents arrived today... My girls were so excited we had to wait outside! Natalie reminded me that grandparents have privileges parents don't have. You see, when I was a kid, I was not allowed to pick dandelions and blow them as I would be spreading seeds all over. My mom was very clear about that. When it comes to grandkids, however, things have apparently changed. I remember a while back we were on a walk, and Grandma encouraged Allison, "Look, Allison! A 'pookyhead!'"
Pookyhead??!?! Are you kidding me?
My girls now love to blow pookyheads!
Silly grandma...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bragging, day 2...

Here I go, again... bragging away... Remember the winter gardening we began a few weeks back? And, remember how my sweet husband invited the girls to help him? (If not, you can go here) Well, those seeds have literally sprouted away! So, my son-of-an-engineer husband did a little research online and found that our sugar snap peas needed something to climb on; and went right to work! Here's what he came up with:
(It is amazing to watch the little "feelers" grasp the strings!)

Allison is so excited, she can hardly stand it! "Mom, I can't wait for spring! Look at all these yummy vegetables growing. It's just so exciting! And, the lavender are starting to blossom... Oh, Mom... I just LOVE spring time." Me too, sweetie!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Man...

Am I allowed to brag on my blog? I guess there's nothing stopping me, so I will just go ahead... my sweet husband is incredible! I love how when we have a project he just does it! Remember this electronics drawer? Brilliant! And, he's done it again! This time he built a shelf to fit perfectly between our washer and our sink.

As with almost every project we have, he let the girls help. Remember here when he let the girls help him paint the shed? PRECIOUS!

It just so happens that a spare bottle of detergent fits perfectly right behind the first one! Below that is our dryer sheets, and below that is our trash can for lint!

Of course, the project isn't quite finished, yet. The bottom will actually be a drawer that pulls out, and we will put white contact paper over the whole thing, but it's almost there! Knowing my husband, he'll finish it up the next time he's home!

(I also found that cute doggie decal on clearance at Target, and couldn't pass it up!) It's the simple things that bring such joy! :)

I think you're AMAZING, honey! Hope I didn't embarrass you too much! But, I may have to spend the next few days bragging some more... (To be continued...)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dollhouse painting...

I've come to realize that I should never assume my girls will forget anything I ever say! Apparently, I promised Allison that on our next rainy day she could paint her dollhouse. So, that's exactly what she did! And, she did a super job...

Friday, February 19, 2010


Ooooohhh... I found another something fun that I just have to share! I grew-up playing boggle and scrabble, and absolutely LOVE words! I used to spend time in school creating my own "fonts." I love WORDS! Did I mention I like words?

If you like words like me, go check out this website:

Here's one I did today. I just typed in Philipians 4:6-7, and....

Wordle: Phillipians 4:6-7

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Self Portraits...

Remember doing life-sizes drawings of yourself? I remember doing one in 1st grade, and thinking it was so cool! So, the girls and I gave it a shot today! Natalie kept wiggling and giggling for the outline because, "It tickles!"

Even though it was a little difficult for Natalie, she seemed to love it, anyway. Both girls spent a LOT of time working on it, which to me equals success!

Meanwhile, Sierra and I watched and cuddled in the sun!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Yehground part 3

I am just loving this md-70's weather in mid-February! We can be outside without extreme heat (summer), and extreme winds (fall). That is why winter and spring are my favorite Southern California seasons! I guess Sierra feels the same way, because she did NOT want to nap today, but enjoyed the outdoors with her sisters. So, we pulled out her new swing, and she got to make her debut on the Yehground! (The lack of a smile was due purely to fatigue... she was quite happy!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today was our Olympic preschool! I'll judge the success by Allison's comment: she said that she never wanted it to end, and that she now wanted her next birthday to be an Olympic theme! We started with a World Map and explained how all the countries come together in peace for this competition. We then played the official music, and had our own opening ceremony passing a cotton candy torch. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures at first!) Next we came in to color a picture of a person carrying a torch.

While the kids were still sitting, we made our Olympic flags. Guess what we used to make them -- potatoes! :)

Next came the American flag... We explained the meaning behind it, and then had them stand with their hands on their hearts while we listened to the Star Spangled Banner. (Makes me cry every time!)

A quick snack: Olympic torches made with sugar cones, apples, and oranges!

Let the games begin! First game: ice hockey.

Next up: figure skating! (I have my pictures switched around, but we actually had 3 judges and awarded scores for performances.)

Final game: bobsled racing! It was a tie... go figure! :)

On with the Olympic music again, as they marched with their flags into the closing ceremony. IT was WAY too cute!

Awarding medals:


Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things...

If ever there was a weekend to celebrate... Let me sum it up for you! Daniel has a 4 day weekend because of President's Day -- It's in the 70's and gorgeous outside -- Sunday is Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, AND my birthday! So far we've had sushi, I've gone for a couple jogs, Daniel gave me these beautiful flowers... and it's only Saturday morning! Here are just a few more of my favorite things from the last few days... (I LOVE handmade things!)

Homemade cupcakes from my sweet friend C!

A GORGEOUS handmade beautiful crown from my most talented friend, G. (No, girls.. you may NOT wear it!)

A super fun heart sandwich cutter from my fun friend M! (We did PB & J a few days ago, and even used it on french toast this morning!)

A handmade bracelet, once again from G! Someday I want to be like her!!

Feeling super blessed...

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