Thursday, September 15, 2011


Being pregnant limits what I can have during pregnancy when my tummy is upset. I have found that peppermint tea helps tremendously! So, I shouldn't have been surprised when yesterday afternoon my big girls claimed to have, "tummy aches that needed mint tea with honey." Allison suggested I make some tea while she took her book outside to read.

Naturally, Sierra wanted in on the fun. She is big into "cheers" ever since her Papa taught her that fun game. So, I gave her a cup as well and she immediately insisted her sisters click their cups with hers.

Meanwhile, my big girl just kept reading. I think we found a favorite series for her with "The Boxcar Children." (I looked it up today, and their are like 81 books in this series, so I hope it keeps her busy for a while! What series has 81 books?!?!?)

Littlest turkey quickly tired of the tea and was off and running... in her big sister's shoes!



Karen Hyde said...

I loved the boxcar children books when I was a kid! Way to go Allison!

Shannon Cecil said...

We are reading that book too!

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