Monday, September 26, 2011

Pear Chips

When deciding whether to purchase the large or small bag for pear picking, we asked how many fit in each. The lady told us about 16 - 20 pears fit in the large bag. Somebody needs to tell her that estimate is a bit off. We got home, and counted 42 pears! Now it's time for some pear recipes.

I decided for our afternoon snack we should make some pear chips. Since we didn't have a science project today, Allison suggested, "This could be our experiment for the day since we don't know how they'll turn out!" And, she was right... I had no idea if this would work for pears!

Can't you just read Natalie's face: "That looks like fun! Wish it was my turn..."

Alas, it's your turn, Natalie!

I would call the experiment a success considering Allison loved them, but Natalie was not fond of them. (What fruit does Natalie actually enjoy, anyway?) Poor Sierra was sick and was a clingy, snotty, puky mess today! But, she happily enjoyed one pear chip! And, I actually got a semi-smile in this picture!

Stay tuned tomorrow as I attempt my first pie, ever! Yes, you heard me -- my first ever pie! Up until this point, my sweet hubby along with his little helpers has been the pie man. I'll let you know how it turns out! In the meantime, I may need more pear recipes: we still have a ton left!


Karen Hyde said...

After your pie is gone, which I'm sure will turn out amazing, you can make a pear crisp.

Sara Bell said...

Oh these look DELICIOUS! I love pears!

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