Friday, September 2, 2011

Math and Manipulatives

Yes, Sierra?? Do you have a question about what we're doing?? :) Our math program this year calls for a LOT of manipulatives. After all, it's only first grade... however, Miss Allison decided she likes just doing math better than using manipulatives... or even better than doing the math/ coloring pages. I was shocked when she asked for one of her timed tests, yesterday! She must be her father's girl.

Never-the-less, I have a kindergartener who appreciates it, and a toddler who enjoys the "snack" side of it, so we try to use the suggested activities once a week.

Most of the activities involve drawing 2 pictures and using different snacks to make different number setences. This day, everything was adding up to 10. We used pretzels for branches and marshmallows for the fruit of the tree.

And, this is Sierra's wonderful work... I think she earned that pretzel! :)

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