Monday, September 19, 2011

Sometimes You Just Need...

...A little encouragement!

As fun as our weekend was, sometimes having too much fun overstimulates my kiddos and they get overly tired, overly cranky, and overly sensitive. The girls were actually doing pretty good yesterday until I went to take their picture at dinner time. I'll let you guess who is running away; apparently something her sister said inadvertently caused some hurt feelings.

Of course, with our Japanese feast at hand, I wanted us to enjoy the meal. So... as we sat down and began dinner, I suggested that each one of us say something we like about the person sitting across from us. I went first, and bragged on Papa. That was easy enough. Both girls had their hands up just itching to go next about their sister. That in itself warmed my heart...

(Poor Sierra got left out, but I think she was content eating her rice.)

Anyway, it honestly turned out to be one of the best evenings. The girls ate well, and truly complimented each other sincerely. They couldn't help but hug each other... so I told them to hold that pose while I grabbed my camera. I will have to be more creative next time, but somehow come up with the same kind of idea wrapped in a different package. Sometimes you just need a sincere compliment!

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