Friday, September 30, 2011

Fair 2011, Take 2!

We did it... again! Today was actually the last day of the fair, so it was a lot more crowded. But, despite the crowds I actually enjoyed the fair a bit more this time. For one, it was a lot cooler! Secondly, we were able to go on more rides and see more new things. At the same time, we still spent a good portion of the morning at our favorite spot; the big red barn! This is how I feel about now:

Sierra was a lot more excited and a lot less nervous this time, as well.

Enjoying our chocolate and strawberry milk:

We decided to do the goat milking this time around. Only Allison wanted to actually get in the line and milk...

The petting zoo:

Just look how comfortable Sierra was this time:

We decided to splurge and buy lunch this time. I was thrilled; it smelled SO yummy! And, it didn't disappoint. After lunch, it was ride time!

We finished the day with a few exhibits. Here they are with the dinosaurs!

Until next year, fair!

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