Friday, September 9, 2011


Last week was a long week... the girls were sick, Daniel was gone, it was hot, but no swimming. Most of my struggle occurred with a very clingy one-year-old, however! I was not enjoying each day as it came, but wishing them away -- how tragic, really! The good part is, it drove me to my knees. I started to think perhaps I don't do enough activities with her that are age-appropriate. So, I pulled out my Kid Concoction book and decided to do some pudding paints!

Sierra helped with making them...

... But when it came time to finally paint, she had a few licks of her hands, and then declared, "DONE!"

I took her inside, and left the big girls to finish their masterpieces. At least they could enjoy it. I tried puzzles with Sierra, blocks, books, other toys -- nothing seemed to make her happy, and I was ready to pull my hair out!

After numerous temper tantrums, I put Sierra in her crib and asked told Allison to go watch her. I could feel my temper rising, and needed a break. Much to my surprise, Sierra was quite happy to be put in time-out. I don't think she knew what she wanted, either! Sweet Allison happily went in there with Sierra and kept her entertained for quite a while. Later, when I went to put Sierra down, I noticed this propped-up on her book shelf:

My heart sank; and jumped for joy. Here I was as cranky as could be, and my girl left me this sweet note to find.... how blessed I am! The next day, Daniel came home. He brought us this:

A chocolate bundt cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes." What a treat -- it was almost as sweet as watching Sierra run into his arms, and knowing my relief had come. I've made a conscious effort to appreciate these days with a one-year-old more. I was doing so well, and then exhaustion hit. I am so thankful for new days; (and all the cuteness and sweetness that comes with having a one-year-old, despite the challenges!)

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