Saturday, February 25, 2012

The American Flag

Do your kids always ask for stories of you when you were a kid? Mine do! And, I am realizing just how bad my memory is. But, when I do think of stories it is fun to share.

This entire year we have been studying early American history. Allison is absolutely fascinated with the Colonial times, and would tell you that history is her favorite subject. I have loved the books we have been reading and the true stories of history that I don't remember hearing about as a kid.

This past week we hit the Revolutionary War. We marched around like we were the "Red Coats," learned all about the American flag, and every day we sang the Star Spangled Banner. I told my girls I cannot sing that song without crying thinking of all the patriots that have gone before us to give us our freedom. (I've actually been moved to tears on many occasions with this history curriculum!) And then I thought of a story to share with them. I told them of how we were in a bus driving home from a field trip in 5th grade, and I will never forget being reprimanded by our teacher, Mrs. Cummings, for starting to sing our national anthem without standing up. She explained we needed to stand and honor those who have died for our freedom. So, we stood up and sang it once we got back to our classroom. And, this week the girls and I stood and sang it each morning. Thank you for instilling honor in us, Mrs. Cummings!

Discussing how blessed we are to have freedom to worship, I was even able to share of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in Iran, who has currently been sentenced to death for apostasy by the Iranian government. Even at the tender age of 6, Allison was moved to tears and has been praying for his freedom. Please join us in this prayer!

We finished off this flag week with an edible flag! Sugar cookies are the best. For frosting, I used a Martha Stewart recipe we got from our friends at Keepers of the Home. It's a cinnamon-honey frosting, and it is soooo good! (And easy!) You can get the recipe here.

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Darcy said...

So cute! What history curriculum are you using???

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