Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Surprises

We've been in our new house now for almost 8 months. Time flies! Needless-to-say, this is our first "spring," (though it's technically winter), living here. While the girls and I were enjoying the beautiful spring weather and some yummy smoothies the other day, I noticed a strong fragrance. I walked around the corner, and found these beauties:

I think they're jasmine? Anyone know for sure? Oh, how lovely they smell! At least that is my opinion, I was informed... Allison thinks they smell disgusting! Ha!

Inside we've discovered a little spring, as well. Our curriculum had us creating a little flower garden...
...As well as a little herb garden. I learned that an herb is just any soft-stemmed plant. Bet you didn't know that! :) First grade has sure taught me a lot.

Looking forward to spring and planting a real herb garden; and lots of veggies! First we have to find a spot. Melissa, I need your HELP!


Darcy said...

I did not know that! :) I love all the projects you do for school. I think hands on learning is one of the many benefits of homeschool! You can do SO much of it!

our delightful life said...

ahhhh...if only i could fly over there and help you!!! i plan to document my planning and planting better on my blog this year, perhaps that will help? and yes...that is jasmine. i planted some by our breakfast nook window because i loooooove the scent!!!

Karen Hyde said...

Make sure you blog your garden every step of the way... I need all the help I can get with our garden! ;)

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