Sunday, February 12, 2012

Father/ Daughter Fishing Trip

Last Saturday, Daniel and Allison went to a Jr. Fishing Workshop put on by the regional parks. Because it is run by volunteers, the only cost is a $7 fishing license. (I tried to get my husband to be a "guest blogger" today, but he said no thank you... so here is what happened as told to me by him and Allison.)

They learned all about the anatomy of the fish, different lures and baits, how to cast, and all the fishing terminology. Apparently, it was very cold so Allison wore Daniel's extra jacket!

The next picture says it all: Allison was VERY worried they were not going to catch anything!

She was wrong... their final count for the day was 2 fish! And, they caught the last fish of the day, just as time was being called!

Back at home...
Daniel fileted the fish and cooked it. He had never been fishing, either, and learned a lot.

Sierra pretty much consumed the fish by herself!

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