Monday, February 6, 2012


I was made aware of something, recently. My girls really do imitate me; (for better, or for worse!) Remember how I mentioned recently drinking my iced coffee from a glass jar? Guess who then asked to drink her water from a glass jar? And, my favorite color is orange -- guess who always wants the orange dice? I also often wear camis under my t-shirts, and now -- yes, it's true! So do my girls!

Of course, everything I mentioned so far is flattering. But, what about my not-so-lovely habits? Sure, I can teach my girls lots of wonderful Bible verses. I can tell them to be patient, and to pick-up their clothes and make their beds. I encourage them to read their Bibles daily, to love others, to forgive and to ask forgiveness -- but, am I modeling that for my girls??

Yikes! Ouch!

We all have heard that actions speak louder than words. The truth is, my kids probably see my nose in front of a computer more than they see it buried in a Bible. I'm sure there are many other things they notice that no amount of words could compensate for.

But, I am so thankful that none of us is perfect; that God knew he was letting imperfect people raise His children. I'm thankful that His grace is sufficient; that each day is a new chance to start over; that kids respond when you ask for forgiveness. I am grateful for kids that make me aware of my actions.

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Darcy said...

I completely agree! Great reminder!

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