Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Fun

It's Friday... Hallelujah! Whew, I'm beat! This week was filled with a lot of fun, mixed with a few minor inconveniences. We had a plumbing issue and a car issue, but thankfully my husband was home and both were taken care of fairly easily. (I don't know what I would have done if he was working those days, though!)

Yesterday we had friends over for a Valentine card making date. (Ok, I am very tired -- I just typed "Halloween" and had to change it to "Valentine!") It was very cute...

Sierra was so excited to have a friend her age! She wouldn't let go of her hand. Today she told Grandma all about her friend on the phone, and tonight she prayed for her friend!

Of course, the attention span for Valentine making with 3 2-year-olds is about 5 minutes! (Just long enough to snap a few pictures!)

Luckily, the older 3 lasted a bit longer...

I love that Allison's first Valentine was for her daddy. And, I love that her second valentine was also for her daddy.

...And, I love that she couldn't even wait for her card to dry before sticking it in her daddy's mailbag:

For lunch, I tried a new recipe from my new friend Darcy's blog. (Her blog has been my favorite for a while, so I stalked her until she became my friend :) ) It was yummy! You can get the recipe HERE.

For the kids, I went with something I found in an old issue of "Family Fun."

The table was such a mess inside It was so gorgeous outside that we decided to eat lunch outdoors. Seriously, 80 degrees in February?? The pool looked tempting; a little!

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Darcy said...

SO glad you stalked me:) and that you enjoyed the salad! xo

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