Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine Memo Boards

Once upon a time I was (somewhat) organized. I'm a wanna-be-type-A. Most of my friends seem to be type A. My husband is type A. I give myself a B+... but there are times like today where not being totally organized actually worked in my favor!

Today was our Keepers of the Home meeting. I totally flaked on buying something for the girls' secret sisters for Valentines day. Then I thought of having the girls make them something. After all, Valentine's Day seems to be one of those wonderful homemade-gift type of holidays, right?! But, what to make?

I decided we could paint a chalkboard heart onto a piece of cardboard. I looked everywhere for my stash of cardboard; I think my closet ate it! I looked for scrap wood -- nothing looked appealing. Then I remembered I have these cookie sheets from the Dollar Tree that were leftover from an old MOPS project. Perfect!

First, I traced a heart onto the cookie sheets. Next, I let the girls paint them with chalkboard paint.

We painted two coats and then got to work on these... fun little magnets to go with them!

The girls each chose a few pieces of scrapbook paper. Next, they traced their glass bead, (also from the Dollar Tree) onto the white side of the paper.

Once they cut-out the "circle," they decoupaged it onto the glass bead. Once the decoupage dried, I hot-glued a magnet to the back. (I bought magnets with a strength size of 6 from Hobby Lobby; I don't like the weak magnets!)

Finally, I tied a piece of chalk to each board with baker's twine, and the girls each wrote a message to their secret sister.

And, there you have it! Next the girls want to make one for themselves!

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