Monday, February 27, 2012

Lessons from Sunday School

Up until last year, it was like pulling teeth to find out what the kids learned in Sunday School. Perhaps they were just too young to articulate it; I don't know. Somehow, it all changed once Allison was moved to the first grade classroom this past summer. Now we get bombarded with verses, stories, and tales of games, snacks, and friends the minute we pick them up from Sunday school. I LOVE it! What I love even more is when the lesson "sticks."

Yesterday, Allison told of how she learned to share. Today, I found this upon returning from Costco:

I had to smile!

Then there's our artist. She told us how she learned the story of Jesus calming the storm. She explained the whole deal to her dad while he questioned her. I say she got an "A." Today, the picture she painted was this:

Yup, that's Jesus in His pink robe calming the storm. Makes me smile.


Darcy said...

It must be a kid thing! We've had the same issues! LOVE Jesus' pink robe! That rocks...

Shannon Cecil said...

Shane has now started to tell me about Sunday school too. Or what happened at Plugged In. But sometimes he's lazy and doesn't want to bother telling me so he says he doesn't know what he did or what he learned. Must be a boy thing? On those days I have to say something like, "Ok, well you may not speak until you can tell me what you learned at church." Amazing how saying something like that can bring on a 5 minute discussion of exactly what happened from the time I dropped him off until the time I picked him up!

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