Saturday, February 4, 2012


Isn't this just the cutest picture? And to think I almost missed it... Why? I wasn't going to take pictures. And then I realized something; this was Sierra's first haircut! If it were Allison's first haircut, I probably would have taken 20 pictures! Sadly, it is true what they say... each kid gets fewer pictures. But, at least I caught it!

My sweet friend from MOPS comes to our house to cut our hair. When I say "our" hair, I am referring to all the Yeh girls, myself included. As for my husband, I have been cutting his hair for the past decade. I have no training whatsoever, but if he doesn't mind at least it saves some money there!

Not only was this Sierra's first haircut, but it was the first time anyone has ever attempted to brush her mop hair out.

She did great. What kid wouldn't with that giant lollipop?

And, how did it turn out?

I didn't take a final picture! Silly me. But, I will tell you, it appears to be even curlier. Too funny! And, speaking of hair... look who's been doing their own hairstyling lately:


Darcy said...

You are so fortunate to have a friend to cut hair! It is so expensive! Cute pics!

our delightful life said...

I have been cutting david's hair for our entire almost 12 year experience either!

emma's hair gets curlier when i get it trimmed. i brush it out after every bath and put some product in it. it really helps to tame her curls.

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