Friday, February 24, 2012

My New Pillows

So, by any chance did you think I was busy crafting all week? Sadly, no... the truth is my computer was in the shop! Thankfully, all is well and it is back home now. (I am embarrassed to admit how clean my house is and how much I got done around here while it was gone; It obviously takes up way too much of my time!) This week I needed
  • an address to send a friend a card
  • to check the weather
  • to look up recipes
  • to send an important e-mail to someone whose phone number I don't have
  • a plethora of school ideas to browse through
  • my dinner menu so I knew what I was suppose to be making
And a whole lot more... I TOTALLY missed my computer! But, I digress... would you like to see what I was crafting last weekend? As you may know, I have a bunch of ideas for my bedroom that are slowly getting done. First was my wall... you can read about that here. Next came my painted dresser and shadow box you can see here. And now, here are the pillows I did last weekend:

Not the best picture, I just realized. But, you get the point! I sewed the orange and brown pillows using cheap blankets I found at Ikea. I just went to take another picture up close so you can see them better: (Don't mind the adorable baby sleeping in the middle of our bed!)

The brown one is a sweater-type fabric, and the orange is a shiny quilted fabric. So, it was just a few straight lines, but it was a big deal for this non-sewer. I was happy to finish them!

Once I finished sewing the orange and brown pillows, the white pillows suddenly looked way too white. Then I had an idea; why not stencil them? I decided on our names and half of a heart for each one. My goal was to get them all done and the bed made before my husband got home the next morning. So, after dinner with their jammies on, I loaded all 4 munchkins in the car for a trip to Michael's. It was to be a quick trip -- some fabric paint, and a quick look at the Valentine's clearance items, and then home! We were doing well until Sierra muttered something I couldn't understand, and them proceeded to throw an all-out 2-year-old-laying-on-the-floor-screaming temper tantrum because I couldn't follow through with her incomprehensible request. Ha! But, I digress again...

We made it home with the fabric paint, the munchkins were quickly escorted to bed, and I stenciled away. I highly recommend this fabric spray paint. It made the job super fast and easy. All I had to do was wait until morning for it to dry, and then make the bed. I must tell you, my husband noticed the front pillows, but thought the orange and brown ones had always been there. Men are so funny!


Mandy said...

Hi Cara, It looks really good! Can you tell me where you got the comforter? I love it!

Livin' the Yeh Life! said...

Thanks, Mandy! I got the comforter at Crate and Barrel on sale after Christmas -- not sure if they have it anymore. Good luck! :)

Darcy said...

Love! and super love that adorable squishy little baby in there :) Great job!

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