Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Bounce Time!

Ok, my Southern California friends... I believe I have mentioned this one before, but don't forget to cut out your coupon for a free pop-in playtime at Pump it Up from your Rancho Cucamonga Guide.  We got ours yesterday!  It's on the bottom corner of the 3rd page.   I've used at least 4 now... I even shared one with a friend, because we can't seem to use them fast enough, and they have no expiration!  It's kind of tricky, because they don't look like a coupon, but they are.  Happy bouncing!

1 comment:

DeniseC said...

I always cut out the coupon but haven't used one--yet. I was thinking maybe Wednesday would be a good day. If I decide to go I'll let you know!

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