Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our First "Field Trip"

Today we had our first preschool field trip. We went to the...

This is how I found the girls when we arrived at 10:00am.... (Poor things have been coughing instead of sleeping at night!)

These are the awesome "tools" my friend created to make our day more special.
  1. She created a Zoo coloring book and gave one to each of the kids to color while driving to the zoo. (I believe she printed them off the LA Zoo website!)
  2. She had a fun sticker chart her husband designed on the Mac, and everytime we saw an anuimal that was on our chart,we got to put a sticker next to it.
  3. When we were done, she had a mini zoo booklet that the kids got to look through and cirlce just the animals we saw. She also found this online, though at a different website.

Don't I have a creative friend?

Allison showing off her sticker chart as we first gave it to her.

The fun cave....

Check out the little ones walking down the steps...

Allison especially loved circling the animals she saw!

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