Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Summer in January

So, what does one do when it is 80 degrees in January? We decided it would be fun to take a hike! What was our inspiration? Every time we go to church, we go down this little dirt hill and Allison asks if we could go for a real hike.
We went on a five mile loop trail in Claremont that Daniel and I hadn't done since before having kids. Needless-to-say, our "packs" were a little heavier this time around! Allison hiked the first 1/2 mile, then went in our backpack carrier. That meant Natalie had to ride on my shoulders. Once she got too heavy, however, my awesome firefighting husband put her on his shoulders and kept Allison on his back. What a man!Getting ready
Allison and Papa
Sisters about to switch places

Triscuit LOVED the hike, too. He met many friends, and is now sound asleep on his pillow.

We found a perfect little rock seat for a water break.

Here he is with his 2 girls. They loved the hike, too... riding on daddy, singing songs, playing games.... what little girl wouldn't?

Here's the view from the top... gorgeous!


jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas said...

Looks beautiful!!!

I also love that you're always doing fun art projects with the girls! Cool!

Aprons for kids are SO cute! I just got two for Christmas from Etsy. They had a layer of clear plastic sewn over the cute fabric for easy cleanup -so they're art and kitchen aprons.

The Texas Butlers said...

I love the Claremont hike. We took Eli but he strolled in the jogging stroller. Looks like fun. Missing the 80 degree was 40 or so degrees over here today.

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