Sunday, January 11, 2009

More thoughts on sewing...

I am still on my sewing kick, and so motivated to sew, yet I can't find my plug to my sewing machine. We may have to bite the bullet and buy a new one... It's possible I accidently threw it away with my box. (Bummer!)

I have a few of my own "original" creative ideas I'd like to try, but I may stick to something simple for my first sewing project. I hear that aprons are pretty easy, and since every little cooking girl needs an apron... perhaps I can make them each one for Valentine's Day! I found a tutorial on "Sew Liberated" for making the one shown on the right. Click here to check it out. (I thought the velcro was pretty clever!)
My only hesitation is that my girls already have some matching adorable aprons that my sweet friend got them for Christmas. See the pink flower? It can come off and becomes a purse. I think I will go with the logic that if a woman can't have too many purses, then perhaps a little girl can't have too many aprons!

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