Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Preschool Wednesday

So, I figured out how to download pictures off the Mac... yay!  However, I am still struggling with blogging on it.  For example, it won't let me text above the pictures.  Hmmm... any Mac users out there?

Anyway, today was the official start of our "home preschool," and we had a blast.  We're doing some sort of theme each time, and today was "S" day.  (When Allison prayed for our snack, she ended with, "Thank you for S Day!")  Here are some of our "S" activities:

  • Singing songs
  • Simon says
  • Slithering snake slalom course
  • Sewing (We sewed the letter "s" on a 3x5 card)
  • Slime (We used the borax/glue concoction and it worked great!)
  • S shaped pretzels and smoothies for a snack... This was my favorite! I had never made real homemade pretzels before, and they were so awesome!  You actually boil them before you bake them, kind of like bagels. I used Alton Brown's recipe... click here 
  • Snow and sand outside (We used the leftover snow from Natalie's birthday!)
  • Seasons... We learned about the different seasons, then looked at pictures and tried to determine what season it was.
I had so many more ideas... stretching , sticks and stones, the 5 senses... once you start thinking about it, there are endless "s" ideas!  Hopefully that will be the case with our next theme, too! We decided to do field trips every other week, so we will see you next week at the zoo!


Where Our Treasures Are said...

Any chance there's an opening left in your preschool? It looks like so much fun I want to enroll Luke.

Karen Hyde said...

Fun Fun! The S theme was great. I can't wait to see the creative juices flow when it comes to X. ;) And I LOVE Alton Brown!

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