Sunday, July 20, 2008

Birthday Cards

Birthdays used to seem to come in seasons for me... I always thought of spring as "birthday season." Now, however, there seem to be birthdays around every corner! And, while I love the celebrations, I don't like looking for cards. Whenever I am card shopping, I always seem to pick out the same cards. With hundreds of cards to choose from, you'd think it would be an easier task!

You've probably figured out by now from my past blog entries on garage sales and free activities for kids that I am quite frugal! So, you can see where it would be hard for me to spend $4 on a card that will probably be thrown out within a week after it's read. Sadly, I no longer seem to have the time to make "real" homemade cards as I once did when I was single. I also feel silly buying the box of cards from Costco, because I am sure whoever I give it to will probably already have it! So, I have come up with another solution.

For the past few years, I have saved the fronts of some of the cards that I like the best in a little craft container of drawers. I also save things like tags from my kids clothing that are cute, or I have even cut-out Cinderella and Hello Kitty from my kids' gummy boxes. Then, when a birthday comes around, I either fold a piece of construction paper, or use some cheap pre-made cards I got at Michael's, and stick on things from my craft container. It is a simple way to give a cute, "homemade" card without much work or money. (Of course, I often let Allison glue things on herself, or paint a card herself... another cheap and fun solution!)

So, next time you get a homemade card from me... :)

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The Texas Butlers said...

Great idea to use old cards to make new ones. I always hate throwing away cute cards but my house would be overran by cards if I saved them all. Now I have a reason to save the cute ones and recycle them!! Thanks for the idea.

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