Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dollar Store

I just recently discovered the Dollar Store. (Don’t ask me what took so long!) Perhaps it was the dollar section in Target that inspired me. Anyway, I walked in for the first time and was in awe of all I saw… for a dollar! Of course, dollars add up fast when I have a big cart to fill and constantly tell myself “It’s only a dollar!” So, I had to remind myself that I can always come back later to get things I actually need! That seemed to work… I actually walked out of there with 8 items, (which means I spent less than $10).
Of all the items that seemed to excite me most, (kid puzzles, foamies, etc.), I was super excited about all the organizational baskets they had. Wire baskets, wooden baskets, plastic baskets… large, medium, small… they had baskets for every possible organizational thing I could imagine! I was in basket heaven! I have baskets in most every room in my house, from kid toys to craft supplies to our remote controls. Now I have a mental note whenever I walk through the house and see something with no “home”… Next time I go to the Dollar Store, I’m getting a basket for that!

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