Monday, July 7, 2008

The sick duck

It's no secret that Daniel and I are proud products of "" The philosophy behind e-harmony is that those with much in common will potentially have a better marriage. When Daniel and I first began e-mailing, we were shocked to discover just how many similarities we had, despite our obvious cultural differences. It seems that the system works!
Of course, we have our differences as well. When I first told Daniel I was starting a BLOG, he responded "You're one of those now!" :) He is fine with me doing it, but feels no need to join-in on the fun, because to him it is no fun at all. Likewise, when Daniel told me of his latest endeavor, I responded with similar disinterest. I have no desire to try to figure out how to play a complicated instrument. However, he is such a gifted musician that it is a joy for him to figure out. Unfortunately, he hasn't had an outlet to play music much since college; until now! So, what instrument has he chosen?

Yes, my dear husband has chosen the bagpipe to play with the fire service. He practices on what's known as a chanter, which you can hear Allison playing above. From the few books he has ordered, he can already play "Amazing Grace..." pretty impressive! Fortunately, he practices mostly in the car because, as you can hear... it sounds like a sick duck!

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The Texas Butlers said...

Too cute! What an interesting instrument the bagpipe is! I'm glad you started a blog. You have joined me in "being one of those people!"

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