Monday, July 28, 2008

Garage makeover

I could blog every day for the next year just about the things I love about my husband... but I will spare you! For now, let me just say he is a wonderful handyman. He's almost like "Tim the Toolman Taylor," wanting to conqueor every project himself, but he is learning his limits. Today he busted out his new saw, (the one he bought at Home Depot when he went for a 19 cent washer!), and has almost finished our custom shed! I am so impressed... it looks awesome! It means that we can put the lawnmower and lawn care materials in the shed and have the space cleared-up in our garage!

Remember my earlier post on our "Yehground?" The storage racks and swings were our first improvements to the garage... next came overhead lighting (which allowed for an awesome ping pong tournament, where I got creamed!). Next will come the shed, which is almost complete, to clear out more "clutter." Finally, we (Daniel!) will be putting in an epoxy floor next week. Aaaahhhh.... a clean garage! I promise to post pictures when it is all done; stay tuned!

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The Texas Butlers said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. David has been talking about building a shed. We need it. When we moved in David put the epoxy floor in our garage...super nice. He even made it a speakled floor. I'll show David the pictures of your shed when it is done and maybe it will inspire him! I love having a handy husband, I'm sure you do too!

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