Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Creative Change

I have a super creative friend, who is also a busy mom... how inspiring! For Christmas she made me this adorable change purse. As you can see, it has gotten a lot of use.

  1. This is where I keep my quarters for my Saturday jogs.

  2. Every time a coupon mailer arrives, I cut-out yogurt, ice cream, smoothie, and coffee coupons and stick them in here. That way, if I'm out on a jog with crabby kids, we can head to one of these places for a special treat... and I save money! Likewise, if we are out running errands, it is with me on my keychain! (I'm so glad she put a keychain on it!)

  3. Any gift cards I receive as a gift go in here as well. (Sadly, I already used up all my Pinkberry gift card from my birthday... yum!)

I would love to try to make these myself, but alas I have not learned to sew, yet! My beautiful sewing machine from my husband is collecting dust. My friend said she just ran a piece of cloth through her printer to get the picture on there. In MOPS, they did a similar project before I joined, and used iron-on transfers; those turned out great, as well!

Ok, I'm inspired...

I'm off to learn how to sew... after the dishes, the laundry, my game time with Allison, and...

Oh, some day!

1 comment:

The Texas Butlers said...

What a great idea. I'll have to try it...someday...when I have time.

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