Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Pup

Let me introduce you to our latest visitor... this is who Allison lovingly refered to as "Little Pup." He showed-up in our backyard 2 days ago, and fell in love with our family. Well, most of our family, that is... He was not so fond of Triscuit swiping at him as if he were a toy! And, Natalie was not so fond of her Mama holding something smaller than her. (Yikes!)
It was a short but sweet stay... 2 full days and one night. We bathed him, fed him, and I can honestly say he was the sweetest chihuahua I had ever met. (Normally I refer to chihuahuas as overgrown rats!) He didn't even bark when we put him outside for the night!
If he didn't follow me around everywhere, and if Natalie had liked him a little better, I think we would have kept him. Ironically, Daniel has always wanted a chihuahua! But, alas... much to Allison and Daniel's dismay, we took him to the Animal Shelter to hopefully find a better home. We'll miss you Little Pup!

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