Sunday, July 6, 2008

The "Yehground"

Our first house was an adorable little 850 sq. ft. place on Daisy Court. Though the square footage was small, it didn't feel all that small because it had an awesome layout with some great features that helped to open it up. During our time there, I loved to watch HGTV and get creative ideas... especially for a small space! Ever since then, I have not looked at spaces the same. Rather than always wanting more space or a bigger yard, I think it's more fun to come up with creative ways to utilize space and to put our own stamp on it.
We now live in a much bigger place, put still don't have the luxury of a basement or play room, nor a large backyard. So, I have been wanting to figure out how to give the girls a playground. I'm excited with what we came up with; Allison would spend hours a day on the "Yehground" if she could! It was inspired by our visits to "My Gym," in which they have removable swings and things that hook on to a metal structure on their ceiling. One day I walked into our garage with our new "metal structure" (Storage rack on our ceiling), and thought... brilliant! So, would you like to check it out? Here it is....


Karen Hyde said...

Looks so fun! Can't wait for a trip to Yehground!

The Texas Butlers said...

Great idea! We also have those metal storage units in our garage, I never thought of putting a swing on them. I think David's project car would get in the way.

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