Friday, July 25, 2008

The Pool Routine

If you live in Rancho Cucamonga and can't have a pool... it is SO nice to have neighbors with one! We are incredibly blessed to have such sweet neighbors. (And, it's not just because they share their pool, though that's what I am writing about today!)
The Routine:
The girls usually start with a snack in the shade next to the pool as they ponder the idea of plunging into something so cool. They then brave it and jump right in; (sometimes they literally jump!) After about 30 seconds, Allison exclaims with a shivering voice, "I'm used to it!" We then swim around and play games. Natalie loves when I let go of her and she's on her own. When that happens, she paddles around like a mad woman yelling "I YIKE IT!" This summer has been especially fun in the pool, since Natalie can now "swim" with arm floaties, and Allison is on her own with a life jacket.

On the way back home, they usually stop at the slide and go down it about 50 times. I love that part because it means they're getting even more ready to crash at bedtime!

So, here are a few videos for you, grandma!

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