Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bass Pro Spring Fishing Classic

It's that time of year, again... the Bass Pro fishing classic is here this weekend with crafts, coloring, and free trout fishing for the kiddos! Last year the girls accidentally stumbled upon it with Grandma when we lived across the street from Bass Pro Shop and they would take walks to the "fishy store." They called Daniel and I to come with our cameras, and we waited outside in the heat for a very, very long time. When it was finally our turn, we waited once again; (I guess that's what fishing is about, right?)

Not this year! Because we went on Friday, the wait wasn't very long and the fish were biting quickly. It was a nice day, but not overly hot. All 3 girls caught a fish, though we forgot our camera -- doh! And, guess what? Natalie's fish was...


I hope the pictures aren't too bothersome for you. Years ago, I would have been very disturbed. Being married into the Chinese culture, things like this don't even bother me anymore! In fact, I find them very cool. Of course, Daniel had me look up a recipe for turning them into caviar, and that's exactly what he did! It's quite a process; each egg has to have the membrane removed. But, we couldn't resist giving it a try! They now sit in a pretty little glass jar in our fridge!

And, tonight we enjoyed the trout. It's not my favorite fish, but being that it was fresh and caught by my girls I found it enjoyable.


Karen Hyde said...

Gross!!! But very cool! I may not have the Chinese thing going for me but I've got the boy thing. ;) Some year I'm going to remember to do the fishing thing at Bass. Brenson really wants to go fishing!

Darcy said...

aaaaaah! Love that you are adventuresome! I have eating issues as in no fish, or broccoli, or hummus, or mayonnaise....ok. I 'll stop now! I don't think I could have handled that! you kinda rock :)

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