Saturday, March 17, 2012

Because I don't already have enough responsibility...

Truly, I cannot believe we did this. So, here's the story. We were driving home from a birthday party Wednesday afternoon. We passed by an old feed store that has always intrigued me. A sign caught my eye: "Chicks now available." I tell Daniel. He turns the car around, and we take the girls to see the chickies. The next thing I know, we are the proud owners of 5 chicks, and my husband is ordering a coop for our backyard! Seriously!

Now, this is not totally spontaneous; it is something we talked about doing for years. However, we really weren't planning on doing it this year! (That salesman sure did a good job!)

But, I guess there's no time like the present, right?!! I'm already up early because of the little munchkins, and already have to feed and take care of the dog, the fish, and the kids -- what's one more thing, right? (Oh, what have I agreed to?!!?)

These pictures were all taken the next day when the girls insisted we go back and visit our new little darlings. We won't actually bring them home until Tuesday. After that, feel free to come visit! Can't wait to taste some fresh eggs!


Jennifer said...

Fun! I have recently been thinking about getting chickens to raise for fresh eggs, but I am afraid of how my dogs would treat them. I can't wait to hear about your experience.

Darcy said...

ok I am 100% jealous. I want SOME!!!! :) Document this whole process so I can learn from you and copy you!

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