Saturday, March 17, 2012

It may have rained on our house...

...but not on our fun! We woke-up this morning to this: (BRRR!!!!) Wet, cold, and pouring down rain!

Inside, we were warm and cozy with nowhere to go and nothing to do! Lovely, I tell you! We began our St. Patrick's day with green banana oatmeal waffles.

Next, I had the best craft idea ever. What was it? I dumped a bunch of materials in a box and told the kids to create a house for their paper dolls. (There were a bunch more materials outside the box, as well! For example, we may have used a rolled-up pad for pillows for the dolls beds!)

Why was this the best craft? It kept them entertained all morning!

And, here is the result:

At lunch, the kids each got their own apple soda for the first time. They were beyond thrilled and thought it felt so funny to drink from a can!

Per Sierra's request, we made some green play dough.

Really, there is nothing quite so fun as a warm, fresh batch of play dough!

This is her look of joy!

And, for our afternoon craft I pulled out our Pyssla beads to make some rainbows. These also provide hours of entertainment! I cannot believe the patience my girls have for them; they would drive me crazy! On another note, I found out from a friend they are actually called pearler beads. (I have no idea how to spell that!) But, I am happy to have another name besides the Ikea term Pyssla."

Finally, to finish our day we headed to McDonalds for dinner with some friends and Shamrock Shakes! You know, because every freezing cold rainy day makes you want to drink a milkshake. Ha!
I didn't tell the girls we were going to do this until dinner time when I told them to get into the car. That was such a fun surprise! I love that we so rarely go to McDonalds that it is, in fact, a special treat. In fact, I think the last time I actually took them to a McD's was last St. Patrick's day!

I brought the little camera, which is technically Natalie's these days. When she saw it, she asked to take a picture of me and the little guy! I didn't even bother putting him in green... who could resist pinching those cheeks?

Happy Meal prize: My Little Pony! (Flashback to when I was a kid, for sure!)

Let me interpret one last look for you... Since I had my little old point and shoot camera, the delay was super annoying. Every time I tried to take a picture of Sierra taking a sip, it would snap just as she finished. So, I kept telling her to take another sip! Can't you see the smile in her eyes? "You want me to have more before I finish my chicken? Uh, ok Mommy!"


Darcy said...

o.k. I have several comments. First~ where do you find your energy! Love all your craft. Second~ I LOVE the paper doll house. Third~adorable pic of you and your little man. Fourth~ we call them melty beads. :) and Fourth~ I need to make my own play dough. It's been on my to do list now for like ten years :)

Darcy said...

omg I just re read what I posted. Yes I am tired :) lol.

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