Friday, March 9, 2012

The Toothfairy Pillow

As I mentioned yesterday, I had to rush to make Allison's toothfairy pillow while she was at VBS. I did already have the fabric in hand that Allison had picked out herself, and I made the pillow according to Allison's instructions she had given me beforehand. But, I didn't really get to be creative.

If you have multiple kids, (and especially 2 girls), you know that giving them 2 different presents can be risky. Inevitably, if I give Allison something and then Natalie something different, Natalie wants what Allison has. Knowing this, I asked Natalie ahead of time if I could make her toothfairy pillow different. She said yes. I wasn't convinced. I asked again. She still said yes. I still wasn't confident, but I went for it. Rather than a tooth with a pocket and her initials like Allison's, I made an orange monster head that eats teeth. It kind of resembles an "ugly doll." Here it is:

And... drumroll please...

Natalie loves it! She named him Benny. He sits on her bed and makes her happy. She called me to her room tonight just to look at him on her "polished bed." So sweet. She's happy. I'm happy. And, now to watch my tivo'd Survivor and go to bed!

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Karen Hyde said...

So cute! We have a tooth fairy pillow too but you're a way nicer Mom... I didn't make it and all 3 have to share it. ;)

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