Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Spring is here! Oh, I just love this season. I think I say that every time a new season rolls around. To me, picking a favorite season is like picking my favorite kid; it just depends on the day and my mood! Just look at the view from our back yard after yesterday's rain:

One word: glorious!

To begin this glorious spring day, we started school a little differently. We made mini chicken books in honor of bringing home our chickies!

What is a mini chicken book, you ask?

Really, I don't know! Ha! Great teacher I am assigning an unknown project. I did introduce the girls to a few new terms to add to their books. For example, did you know a hen before it is one is a pullet? And a rooster before it is one is a cockrel? I also just had them write how they feel about getting chickens and what their responsibilities will be. Mostly, I just think anything "mini" is fun, and wanted to use some cute chicken stickers I found!

Finally, the afternoon arrived... the moment they had been waiting for. Time to go get the chickies! First, they helped get the chickies temporary home prepped:

This is a little off the subject, but Focus on the Family had a great discussion about kids and chores on yesterday's broadcast. You can listen to it here.

Oh, look at these happy faces!

This little one, in particular, could spend all day looking at the chickies. Every time we went inside, 5 minutes later she asked to see the chickies. This could be very interesting!

The big girls loved the chicks, too! And, little man was content to sit in the stroller while all our excitement took place.

And, here are our little ladies: I'll post names as soon as they're given them.

Hope you had a glorious first day of spring, as well!

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Darcy said...

LOVE mini chicken books! That's awesome! I agree that anything mini is fun!!!!!

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